Flat panel speakers - Sonigistix Inc.

In the early 1990's, Lorne Whitehead invented an elastomeric micro-electro-mechanical transducer. While this technology has a number of potential applications, the most promising opportunity appeared to be in the speaker industry, since the transducer could be used to make a very thin speaker without compromising the resulting sound quality.

In 1994, UBC spin-off company GMW Speakertape Inc., later called Sonigistix Inc., was incorporated to develop this technology.For a period of six years, Sonigistix employed 20 people in Vancouver, where the team developed and began manufacturing computer speakers. Although the technology focus changed to a magnetoplanar system, the work at Sonigistix led to the Monsoon brand of computer speakers, a high end product with excellent audio qualities. The technology was eventually sold to a large multinational company.

Monsoon flat panel speakers have a sound quality that is superior to other speakers.